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Instagram’s Restrict feature lets you shadow Abusive Accounts



Instagram's Restrict feature lets you shadow Abusive Accounts

Instagram is rolling out a new mode called Restrict that will let account owners effectively shadowban a user who comments on photos with offensive or abusive language.

Users can restrict another account, any comments made by the restricted account will only be visible to the commenter. Moreover, messages from the restricted account will automatically be sent to the Message request sections on Instagram. Even if the user has earlier exchanges message with them.

Since the person isn’t blocked, people will still have the ability to see the comment by tapping on a message. It appears, similar to how muted replies on Twitter look.

The Restrict tool is an additional precaution that people can take to protect themselves from harassment and bullying on the site. Instagram already allows people to bock accounts and manage comments.

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An article suggests in the Atlantic last fall, heavy Instagram-using teenagers describe the level of bullying on Instagram as constant. Instagram is also encouraging its users, particularly younger ones to take a stand against bullying. And spread positivity with the introduction of a series of anti-bullying stickers arriving in the coming weeks.

Via: TheVerge

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