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Internet Down? International Websites Didn’t Open but Twitter Memes Stayed Up



Popular cloud service provider Fastly, which offers enterprise-grade infrastructure to some of the most popular websites around the world, faced a server outage earlier today.

This resulted in popular websites such as Twitch, Reddit, GitHub, The New York Times, Lonely Planet, Shazam, The Rolling Stone and more were suddenly not being accessible on the internet.

The Fastly content delivery network (CDN) outage was acknowledged by the company as well, which disclosed at 3:28 pm IST that an investigation was underway.

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While the websites were soon back online, netizens wasted no time reacting to the outage in their own ways.

Fastly disclosed later that โ€œthe issue has been identified and a fix has been applied. Customers may experience increased origin load as global services return.โ€ While Fastly has not offered further technical details in public, the crash may have been due to misconfiguration in certain servers that are part of the Fastly CDN network.

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