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JioSaavn New Update brings news UI, Advanced Search and more



JioSaavn New Update brings news UI, Advanced Search and more

You will now see dedicated sections for Music, Podcasts, and JioTunes. With this redesign, you can easily access these sections without much hassle or friction.

The new JioSaavn app adds a new ‘Living Search’ feature that offers recommendations based on genres, the user’s listening pattern, and new music.

The latest JioSaavn update brings faster AI-powered recommendations, new artist profiles, and the browse screen gets a more dynamic redesign as well.

Matrix Factorization and Word2Vec AI deep learning models are used to offer recommendations based on users’ listening patterns. The discovery platform is also improved by using a hybrid system of audio similarity, and all of this also helps JioSaavn offer quality recommendations across all regional languages in addition to Hindi and English.

As reported by MBW, the first set of artists with Shorties visuals include Eric Nam, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Alesso, Martin Garrix, Siddhu Moosewala, Bohemia, Zaeden, Armaan, and Marshmello.

The company has improved AI-based recommendations. According to JioSaavn, the service will use classical collaborative filtering approaches such as Matrix Factorization and Word2Vec with deep learning models. JioSaavn believes this approach would help them offer quality recommendations across regional languages.

JioSaavn also looks to add a few more features in the future, and this includes a new smartphone playback experience that includes music videos. The Web and desktop versions of JioSaavn will also see a redesign to bring parity with the smartphone app.

The app will also see a new design for the Pro Wallet page, and it should bring easier browsing and additional Pro deals.

Source: NDTV

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