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Microsoft focused in Working on Android Powered Smartphone: Report says



Microsoft focused in Working on Android Powered Smartphone: Report says

Microsoft is actively working on the new line of phone based on the Android software due for release sometime in early 2019. The company is yet to provide any official information on it, however according to a new report the Redmond based Microsoft could be planning to launch a new Android powered smartphone soon.


Since Microsoft is already winding up its Windows Phone support, the lineup is clearly not going to be in the Lumia series, as per the report in Windows Latest , a Microsoft representative has claimed that company’s engineering team is working on Android based smartphone.


The report cites some Microsoft employees seemingly confirmed the existence of such Microsoft branded Android Phones, although it is quick to notice that it can not guarantee the authenticity of the report.


The new line of Android phones that Microsoft is reportedly working on does not have a name yet its pretty obvious that it will not be called Lumia. The company has already retired the product lineup owing to lackstre sales.
The screen shot of the test conversation share in the report don’t give much information about the design,


specification or other details of alleged Microsoft Android-Powered device. According to the conversation , Microsoft will not have Windows 10. The smartphone is said to be part of the mysterious new line of Microsoft branded devices which will run on Android OS.


Generally , the store employee are not aware of the Microsoft’s secret plans they are trained and the training only happens if the release is imminent. Also it can be seen that Microsoft is actively leaving its footprints in the Android segment by releasing worthfull features through regular update.


In the earlier reports had indicated that Microsoft has new Surface projects under its shelf condenamed Libra, also details of MIcrosofts; secret Surface device codenamed Andromeda that reportedly plans to release in 2018.


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