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Microsoft’ New Feature in Skype 8.0: adds call recording and end to end encryption



Microsoft’ New Feature in Skype 8.0 adds call recording and end to end encryption

Microsoft has announced a new update for Skype has arrived with the promise that we will finally be getting the option to call recording. Skype has gone more than a decade without this common features. You might update now because all other versions of the service will be stop working on Sept 1, according to Microsoft.


Microsoft has launched the new version of Skype for desktop Skype 8.0 , which will be replacing the previously active Skype Classic 7.0 from 1 Sept. in the latest version of Skype’s feature like free HD video and group calls that bring together over 24 people at once , skype team wrote in blog post on July 16.


Including 1080p video calls with screen sharing for up to 24 participants, Twitter style @mentions have been added to. Mentioning someone by name preceded by the @ symbol send them a notification, Microsoft has also added media gallery. Clicking on the Gallary in a conversation opens a panel on the right side of the Skype window with links, files, and other media.


With the latest update, all Skype will be able to record their calls within their Windows, Mac, iOs, Android and even Linux Operating System.


The video and voice platform plans to roll out additional features later which would include read receipt , end to end encryption Skype audio calls and text messages with hidden notification, cloud based video call recording with notification for every one present during the call, profile invites and many more.


According to the reports, Microsoft has been testing the app for past one year and the new version of the app is ready for roll out. The company is planning to upgrade Skype 7.0 with 8.0 on Sept 1, 2018.


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