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Microsoft Releases a new Windows 10 Update



Microsoft Releases a new Windows 10 Update to fix the CPU spiking Search Problem

Microsoft has released an update to fix the CPU spiking problem picked up by Windows latest KB4515384 update which was causing issues with the start menu. Typical Microsoft fixes the CPU usage by completely breaking search so it can not even be used, quoted one affected user. This update again introduces the same problem as the previous update wrote another on Microsoft’s Feedback Hub.

The company rolled out the KB4515384 Windows 10 update on September 10, which gets downloaded in the background automatically. Notably, more than 50 percent of all devices are currently running Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 OS.

Windows 10 OS had 48.86 percent market share in July and gained 2.13 percentage points to hit 50.99 percent in August. However, Growth has been slow ever since the Windows free upgrade expired in July 2016.

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The new version of the Microsoft To-Do app is now out for desktop and smartphones. This new version not only offers a fresher look but also boasts tighter integration with the company’s services. It is more polished, features reduced header size, and is more colorful as well. reported, the Start menu stops working for some users who have upgraded to KB4515384 with Windows 10 delivering the following errors. We’re trying to fix it the next time you sign in and Critical Error- Your Start menu isn’t working.

Via: BGR India

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