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Mozilla Firefox Added option to disable auto play Video/Audio on Web



Mozilla Firefox Added option to clock auto play Video

In the web auto playing videos is the most annoying thing, they not only creep out the internet by popping out suddenly with their nosy fanfare. It is the reason for distraction in Web, Firefox has added a new feature after Google Chrome that will block the annoying auto play video on Web.


If you do not answer the auto playing video and audio, As of Firefox Nightly Edition version 63.0a1 with the help of new version of Mozilla Firefox you can block the automatically playing Audio/Video from the settings.


The update available Mozilla Firefox’s Nightly build and it will give user the ability to block the automatically playing video. This feature work on site to site basis, which means you can able to block pop-up video for specific website that you visit.


If you want to mute the automatically play videos for all website that you visit, you can mute auto play video in the Nightly’s settings.


First Google released Chrome 66 in April, it clamped down on lots of websites that tried to play video and automatically. But the browser does not always block autoplay, Google detailed how Chrome deal which sites to squelch.


Chrome begins with a list of more than thousand of sites where Google found that the browser’s users typically played Auto video with sound. In the new updated Chrome list as it learns where you play media and where you don’t play.


Apple also introduce thus feature in Safari Browser in 2017. In Chrome this feature available with an exception on Chrome , to put it simply , if user has display an interest in a video or has viewed aut play video on a site in the past then Chrome will not mute the sound of the auto play video.


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