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Nikon Launches Coolpix P1000 camera with 125x optical zoom lens



Nikon Launches Coolpix P1000 camera with 125x optical zoom lens

Nikon has launched new Nikon Coolpix P1000 camera with crazy 125x optical zoom. So big this zoom that is effectively means the P1000 lens has the focal length of 3000mm. Nikon’s latest compact camera has a lens with the world’s highest zoom ratio at 24-3000mm equivalence.


The P1000 is the successor to the P900, which was already breaking new ground with its 83x zoomlens. The P1000’s lens only opens up to f/8 at the long end versus f/6.5 on the P900, but that tradeoff may be worth it for the extra reach.


Coolpix P1000 price is yet to be announced, and its supports recording of high definition 4K UHD/30p movies. Nikon Coolpix P1000 enows our users with streamlined operability and high resolution quality that is built to impress.


The 125x optical zoom NIKKOR lens convers a range of focal length beginning at the wide angle 24mm equivalent and extending to the super telephoto 3000mm (250*2 zoom is possible when Dynamic fine zoom is enable)

Camera will be available at a price of $999.95 , Nikon has been announced for India too but for now the price for local market has not yet revealed because the camera will go on sale from September.


Nikon Coolpix P1000 is designed for extreme zoom scenarios like nature and space photography. And to that end it has dedicated bird watching and moon-shooting setting on its mode dial.


It can be shoot as 4K video at 30 frames per second, has on OLED electronic viewfinder, supports RAW image capture , and works with Nikon’s SnapBridge Bluethooth image transfer system.


Coolpix P1000 weight 3.1 punds/1.4 kilograms , so its probably not something you will casually sling around your neck.



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