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OnePlus opens largest R&D center in Hyderabad will become the world’s largest in 3 yrs



OnePlus opens largest R&D center in Hyderabad will become world's largest in 3 yrs

Chinese premium smartphone company OnePlus on Monday unveiled what will be its largest global R&D facility in Hyderabad, India. OnePlus has ambitious plans for the center. OnePlus is investing over $140 million over the course of the next three years.

It currently has five such centers across the globe, And while the largest is in Shenzhen. OnePlus says, will cater to both the needs of the Indian market and the global market. Majority of the revenues come from the Indian market where OnePlus is a leader in the premium segment.

According to Vikash Agarwal, OnePlus devices are the leading contributor in India. To the growth of the premium segment with Samsung and Apple’s shares shown to be stagnating.

AS present, It has around 200 employees at the center. Hyderabad will replace Shenzhen as the company’s largest R&D center globally. OnePlus has five global R&D centers, including three in China and one each US and Taiwan.

In three years, we plan to grow the R&D center in Hyderabad into our biggest facility globally as we expand beyond the smartphone, Lau said.

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He added We plan to re-focus our R&D efforts on a large scale and drive innovations in India for Global product. Especially on the software with special emphasis on AI, 5G, and IoT.

Vikas Agarwal said the company, which has hitherto been focused on selling online, is also looking at expanding its offline presence in the country with its largest experience center, spread over 16,000 square feet, slated to come up in Hyderabad next quarter.

OnePlus currently garners over one-third of its global revenues from India where it claims a 43% share of the premium smartphone segment. Currently has 15 exclusive store and 25 service centers that it plans to hike to 50 and 75 respectively by 2020 end.

Source: OnePlus has big plans for its first global R&D

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