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Oppo caught cheating on Benchmarks tests, Oppo Find X & Oppo F7 delisted



Two Oppo’s Smartphone Find X & F7 have been caught cheating in benchmark result. Both smartphone have now been delisted form 3DMark’s benchmarks leaderboard. Chinese smartphone company Huawei was caught cheating on benchmark test in the last month.

After Bing mobile company like HTC and Samsung Test aim to quantify the performance of a device and is often smartphone to buy.

Oppo said that, It allowed the chipset to run at full speed when a user is delisted running apps such as games or 3D Benchmarks which require high performance.

However, Oppo Company is looking at upgrading its systems to distinguish between requirements of everyday apps and what users wanted.

Oppo Find X and F7 were allegedly programmed to recognized the 3DMark app from Google Play store. .It would than allocate sytem resource to ensure a better score when the benchmarking app was running.


UL Benchmark, the company behind 3D mark tested both devices again with a private version of the app, and found that score is 41 % higher with the publicly available app.

WHen detected that user is running application like 3D Benchmarks that require high performance, we allow the SoC to run at full speed for the smoothest experience, UL said.

after found our about the benchmark cheating, Ul contacted Oppo, where it admitted that it was detecting 3DMark to optimize performance and get higher scores.’

Oppo said how it manage power and performance on its smartphones for apps that are not recognized. For unknown applications, the system will adopt the default power optimization strategy… after the user has not actively operated for 5 to 10 seconds ,


the device limits the system performance to 70 to 80 per cent of the maximum performance … When there us a user operation , it iwll immediately cancel the performance limit, to ensure that the user experience is not affected”, Reported by

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