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Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Reveals New abilities, Battle Stadium, and More



Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Reveals New abilities, Battle Stadium, and More

A new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer released at the Pokemon World Championships, introducing a ton of information about the battling component of the games. Two new abilities that are coming to the game were revealed.

Galatian Weezing will have an ability called Neutralising Gas which neutralizes the effects of all other abilities. Including Levitate can be completely undone by the new ability, presenting a whole of new things to think about in battle.

There are several new features like Breaking Swipe, which lowers the attack of all opponents that it hits. The Pokemon Company revealed that a Dynamax Pokemon shrugs off moved that cause flinch, too.

On top of that, The Pokemon Battle Stadium has been revealed. It allows users to connect to the internet and battle against Trainers from all over the world.

New Abilities:

This new ability is called Neutralizing Gas, Itsuppresses all other abilities on the field, including your teammates. The official Sword and Shield site revealed that hidden abilities can be found by catching Pokemon in Max raid battles.

New Attacks:

Breaking Swipe is a new attack that hits two Pokemon, and lowers the attack of each Pokemon hit. The type of this attack is unknown, but the trailer shows Flygon using it.

Dynamax Powers:

Dynamax Pokemon cannot be flinched , giving them the freedom to attack freely. Some interesting tidbits about Dynamax Pokemna were revealed in the new trailer.

New Held Items:

First is Room Service, which lowers the speed of the Pokemon the holds this item when Trick Room is activated. This allows for that Pokemon to likely move first as long as Trick Room is active.

Eject Pack, which forces the Pokemon holding this item to switch out when its stats are lowered.

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