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PUBG Latest Update: PUBG’s new snow Vikendi Themed map live on test servers



PUBG Latest Update: PUBG's new snowy Vikendi Themed map live on test servers

Vikendi is the name of the new snow themes PUBG map that officially announced on the Games Awards. The Rumors of a news map arriving in PUBG has been doing rounds for a while.

PUBG officiallly annonuced the much awaited snowy map for the game and they are calling the new world Vikendi.

Vikendi 6*6 size, It’s bigger that Sanhok, which is 4*4 map, but smaller than Eragel which is 8*8.

PUBG Test Server means that should not be more than a month. Vikendi will added as the latest map to PUBG – perhaps as soon as the January update.

The new Vikendi Map claimed to bring a fresh yet Challenging gameplay scenarios for players. That should make it more satisfying to snatch the Chicken Dinner.

PUBG Latest Update: PUBG's new snowy Vikendi Themed map live on test servers

The whole map is modeled after a report island in the Arctic Circle with a fictional Mount Kreznic looking over the entire island. The Map has certain unique features like careful mis of business, villages, a chromosome, a Dino park and similar other places of interest.

Vikendi is beautiful as it is dangerous and survivors treading these bitter cold lands will have to watch their backs more closely as the fresh snow is perfect for leaving behind footprints.

The G36C assault rifle will replace the popular SCAR-L on Vikendi, and players will be able to get around the island on snowmobiles, as conventional vehicle as well.

PUBG’s new snowy Vikendi Themed map:

Vikendi’s nature will play a big part on your quest for the chicken dinner players. Players will have tracks in the snow but they will fade after some time. Players will have to tread carefully as the snowy surface will register footprints and therefore can give away players’ location to enemies.


The varying topology covered in snow also makes for easy sniping. Thereby requiring players to keep a strict vigil on their surroundings.

on Vikendi on the Test server, the first circle will be much smaller than other maps, but subsequent circle size Chane less drastically.

There will be improvements to the replay system enabling players to edit clips and to export their finest moments.

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Coming later in the patch is our overhaul to the parachuting system which allows you to glide or dive during free call. improve animations and slow lets you cut out chute before hitting the ground, add the developers.

There are may bugs and brings refinements to the animations. The parachuting system will be getting a more realist overhaul.

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