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PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 update goes live with season 7: What’s New



PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 update goes live with season 7: What's New

PUBG Mobile, The popular Battle Boyale game, is now getting the much awaited season 7. New update in numbered 0.12.5 update and it comes with season 7. Updates comes with new weapon called Skorpion, which is an auto pistol.

The major highlight of the new season is the New Royale Pass Season 7 with a host of interesting gifts and benefits. A new EZ Mission License that basically enable them to unlock and play challenges one week in advance and one can also earn free mission cards each week.

Players will get 100 PR points as reward for buying the Royale Pass and get choose between two outfits when they reach Royale Pass level 100 which are the Urban Scavenger or Assault Squad.

In this Royale pass, A new flight trail of the aircraft along with parachute trail reward which will have a new pick color and Black airplane as well.

PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Update

  • 1.12.5 update introduce a new weapon called Skorpion which is a machine pistol gun that shoots 9 mm bullets.
  • Launch a Companion pets, Players would be able to get pets as their Companions.
  • New season bring nine new outfits which include one Mythic Item, four Legendary items, three Epic, and an ordinary outfit. In terms of skins, there could be two new skins for the pan, parachute, backpacks and cars as well.
  • The game launch New skin for AKM, Kar 98K, M416 and Uzi.
  • A new plane skin introduced
  • Players can buy custom room card that would last for seven days at RP 95.

New Royale Pass Season is ere the new EZ Mission License , users to unlock and play challenges 1 week in advance
Users can buy items using BP
Added some dedicated servers for players in Middle East.
Subscription feature has tuned
Updated category tabs to the Shop
Adjust audio to reduce interruptions

Sources- BGR

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