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PUBG MOBILE Tips and Trick use to play the game & get Chicken Dinner



PUBG MOBILE Tips and Trick use to play the game & get Chicken Dinner

PUBG MOBILE has become not just a popular casual game but on a professional level as well with official international tournaments being held by the developers.

PUBG MOBILE gained popularity just because if simplicity and the seamless designing of the game which made it a very smooth experience for the players.

It is a great game to connect with friends. and It is not a game that is easy in any way. If you are beginner at PUBG MOBILE or battle royales game in general, here is tips and trick to play the game and get chicken dinner.

PUBG MOBILE has control over touch button on the display. But pros have come up with a solution to playing the game with more than just two finger without the help if triggers (called claw grip).

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gripping trick essentially helps use four fingers on the screen instead of one for playing the game. It will be very difficult for beginning, once you get used to this method it is very rewarding.

PUBG MOBILE Tips and Tricks:

1- Game Setting
2- Landing Spots
3- Posititioning in the final Moments
4- Miscellaneous PUBG Tricks

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Game Setting:

You should check the all setting before play the game to get better performance and make easier to score.

1- Select third person view or First person View: tap on the game mode button just below ‘Start’ and choose between ‘TPP’ (third person), or ‘FPP’ (first person).

Select Third Person View or First Person View

2- Adjust Graphics Quality

Adjust Graphics Quality

3- Turn on Peek and Fire: Settings cog on the top-right, go to Basic. Here, turn on ‘Peek & Fire.

4- Use Gyroscope for Aiming Down Sights

Use Gyroscope for Aiming Down Sights

5- Aim Assist is on or

aim assist

6- Left Fire button Enable: Settings -> Basic

Left Fire button Enable

7- Auto Open Doors – Settings -> Basic

Auto Open Doors

8- Adjust the Size and Position of Controls: Settings -> Controls -> Customize

Adjust the Size and Position of Controls

9- Auto Adjust Graphic turn on: Settings -> Graphics

Auto Adjust Graphic turn on

Landing Spots:

Landing Spots in Miramar

1. Most loot, very high risk:
Hacienda del Patron

Most loot, very high risk


2. More loot, high risk:
Campo Militar



3. Good loot, low risk:
Minas Generales

Minas Generales

Landing Spots in Erangel

1. Most loot, very high risk:
Military Base (South of the map)
Prison (East edge of the map)
Mansion (Just above the Prison)

Landing Spots in Erangel

2. More loot, lower risk
School (Middle of the map, but often dangerous)
Severny (North of the map)
Pochinki (Middle of the map)

Landing Spots in Erangel low risk

3. Decent loot, very low risk
Bunkers near ‘Shelter’

Positioning In the Final Moments

When users are near that chicken dinner, the circle is usually pretty small , and one mistake could send you back to the lobby. please follow the below instructions
1. Play on the Edge
2. Shoot to Kill
3. Don’t Go in Guns Blazing

Miscellaneous PUBG Tips and Tricks

1. Turn off Mission Impossible Background Music

Turn off Mission Impossible Background Music

2. Change Quick Chat Messages
3. Use Headphones to Hear Enemy Footsteps
4. Survive Inside the Red Zone
5. Use the Map
6. Make the Red Zone Your Strategic Friend
7. Mute Annoying Team-mates
8. Hide Inside Vehicles
9. Look Around without Moving
10. Heal Like a Pro
11. Use Energy Drinks and Painkillers

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