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PUBG Mobile Update: Tips & Tricks to win Chicken Dinner on Vikendi Map



PUBG Mobile Update: Tips & Tricks to win Chicken Dinner on Vikendi Map

PUBG is keeping excitement in its intense Battle Royale alive by introducing a new snow map to celebrate the onset of winter. PUBG was first launch with Erangel map, which was only map for almost a year before a new one introduced.

The new map several new features that require to adopt and apply new strategies to tackle the new snow weather to survive and win the game.

The 6km by 6km map is covered in snow which is significantly changing gameplay.

Choosing the drop location

Vikendi, hot zones like Castle, Podvosto, Villa, Goroka and Mount Kreznic are the places , should try and avoid. In Vikendi, there are plenty of smaller houses evenly strewn which provide great loot.

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Plenty of Hiding Places:

Vikendi map, there is no place to hide, the amp has plenty of place and locations where you can cover to dodge attack your enemies. There are like Villa and Hot springs have so many building to take cover and these places also have plenty of loots too.

Use Snowmobile only on snow:

The snowmobile is fast and fun to rise, however there is catch. The snowmobile can be ridden in both snow surface as well as normal roads.

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Check Your surrounding and Your mini map:

As snow leaves footprints, so you do not just have to rely on your mini map to guess your enemy’ location in Vikendi. Keep in mind that prints remain for 10 minutes while entire Battle Royale run time on Vikendi is 20 minutes.

Navigation the Dynamics Circle:

in the first blue circle of the map will be slightly smaller than see on other maps, and starts a while after landing. Initial blue circle reaches the white one, the successive white circle will be relatively bigger making it easier to reach.

Knowing when to avoid vehicles:

Players will generally only need vehicle in the first phase of the game. But since the next circle are closer to each other, vehicle only mean making a show lot of noise and alerting any enemies at your location.

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Avoid Places like Villa nd Mount Kreznic to land:

Places like Villa and Mount Kreznic which lie in the exact centre and can be reached irrespective of the line of the plane.

Try to avoid walking on snow for long:

Footprints on snow remain visible a longer interval of time compared to the other surface. try to avoid walking on the snow as much as possible.

Dress in white or put something bright:

Clothing is the basic camouflage you can try in the PUBG map. Try to wear something white for Vikendi since since it is snow map.

Use Cover in the open Spaces:

In case of firefight there, we suggest heading for the nearest tree or rock, instead of encountering the enemy in the open.