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PUBG Pro Players banned for cheating during PUBG European League



PUBG Pro Players banned for cheating during PUBG European League

PUBG ban has wave seems to continue as PUBG Esports has announced the name of professional payers as well as teams which have been caught cheating during the PUBG European League (PEL).

The organization confirms that many of the big names associated with he ban wave are going to be banned. But many of the organizations those teams played for will be able to hold onto the spots earned during qualifier.

PUBG Esports announced on Twitlonger post that 10 players received in game banns for using cheat programs. Six of them found to have used the third party application during online professional matches, slammed with three year bans.

Four players used cheats in non-professional matches and have only been issued with two year suspensions. Two players received 3 years suspension for knowing that their teammates were using cheating programs during PUBG European League (PEL) matches.

PUBG Esports said, We believe that condoning the cheating activities of teammates to share the common benefits should be as severely punished as performing the activities itself.

Recently, PUBG ban comes after the Radar Hack controversy which unearthed the fact that some of the prominent professional PUBG players on the map and were getting unethical advantages. PUBG suspended around 30,000 professional players using this hack.

The PUBG European League teams whose players were implicated include the Pittsburgh Knights, Red Diamonds and Sans Domicile Fixe. Pittsburgh Knights and Red Diamonds must replace their suspended players.

Sans domicile fixe will lose its PUBG Contenders League spot since all four of its players were suspended. Two for cheating in professional matches and two for being aware of the cheat programs.

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The four players suspended for three years for cheating in professional matches are America PAPAYA Quinteron of Players One LATAM, Cabecao of Dragoes eSports and swalker and zuppaa from eSuba.

PUBG Contenders League qualifiers has also been postponed by the incident to make way for through investigation. PUBG developer , Continue to investigate other regions in its competitive circuit as well.

Esports assured the community that before any official esports competition. All the participating players will go through a comprehensive background check on all their accounts.

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