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PUBG Update: Pro players caught cheating, PUBG bans 30,000 accounts in Radar Hack Ban wave



Pro players caught cheating, PUBG bans 30,000 accounts in Radar Hack Ban wave

A New anti-cheat software has gone live in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It’s caused a major wave of new bans. PUBG ban wave believed to impact more than 30,000 fraudulent player accounts.

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How Radar Hack work in PUBG:

Ban waves in most popular online games, technology is at the center of it all. and Radar hacking was the main target, Radar Hacks reveal detailed server information and send the collected data to an external device via third party Virtual Private Network (VPN).

According to Iayman, Radar Hacks allowed PUBG cheaters to see all player position via a second monitor or smartphone application. it appear as PUBG corp, and its anti-cheat algorithm called BattlEye, can now flag when such services are active. The change was smartly implemented alongside the live arrival of the Vikendi snow map earlier this week.

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The problem with cheaters became so blatant that popular streamers like Shroud encountered them on a regular basis, and died quite a few times at their hands.

Recently, bluehole has banned almost 13 million fraudulent accounts and hackers in Oct, stats by Reddit users. The new wave of ban follows the release of the new Vikendi map using its anti cheat algorithm called BattlEye.

Team shared on Twitter, honestly and integrity re core values within the knights organization. Cheating in any way shape or form not only undermines our team, but esports as a whole. We take this VAC ban regarding our player, TEXQS, very seriously.

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We fully respect and support PUBG Corp in the investigation. Until investigation is complete, the team has suspended can TEXQS Ozdemir from further games.

Avnqr analyst writes on Twitter, SDF players have also reported cheating to make it through online qualifiers. After 14 games once competition switched to LAN play, the team was in last place.

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According to the Newsweek report, Banned Professional players are can TEXQS Ozdemir of Pittsburgh Knights, Sezk0 and Houlow of the French team SDF and Copenhagen Flames players Haffmann88 and PLayer Jones.

BGR Reports, Players have been accused of using the hacks in their online games and there is no such information. If they used the same during the LAN events which would make it a rather daring task.

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