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Samsung Galaxy S10 Foldable phone with 5G , Cheap variant: Report says



Samsung Galaxy S10 Foldable phone with 5G , Cheap variant: Report says

Samsung will launch three Samsung Galaxy S10 variants and long awaited foldable phone with cheap price early next year , reported by Bloomberg report. Corroborates and adds new details to information separately revealed by analyst Ming-chi Kuo and Korean media.

The flagship model will be the first phone which having 5G network support. as per the report says, it will feature a dual edge curved OLED display (almost no bezel) with very thin top and bottom bezel and a 5.8 inch screen size.

Boasting of a triple camera setup at the back , the phone will have the capacity to shoot wide range, portrait and telephoto images. Embedded fingerprint sensor, the model will pack a Huawei rivalling triple camera setup, and on the bottom , there will not be a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Samsung also claims that a cheaper variant of the S10, according to the Bloomberg’s sources, which will not boast the curved edge screen that has been a hallmark of Samsung’s phone since the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014.

A report claims that the Galaxy S10 will be a Samsung’s first 5G capable smartphone. the firm is reportedly in talks with Verizon to launch a 5G of the Galaxy to the US.

The better of which will finally make it to the shelves one tall and other wide when unfold. The former , having a form similar to the older flap display phone like Moto Razr, is said to be finalized.


Details of Samsung Galaxy S10 Foldable phone:

Samsung keeps a 4-inch second screen outside the bendable phone that shows notification or caller ID and other information like Time and date.

Weight more than 200 grams

It has a display coated with film that feels like ones used in photography instead of glass.

The folding phone apparently will not include and in display sensor because of technical difficulties with the screen technology.

With a much larger screen on the inside that unfolds like wallet- similar to a concept shown off in 2014.


ET News reported, Galaxy S10 will likely keep the port. Samsung is planning to remove the headphone jack on either Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S11.

Instead, the company rely on a combination of the Phone’s USB Type C pot and bundled headphone dongle, according to the report.

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