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Scientist developed web based tool to monitor fake news on Twitter , Facebook



Scientist developed web based tool to monitor fake news on Twitter , Facebook

Scientist have developed a web based tool to monitor the prevalence of fake news on Social media platform like Twitter and facebook.

The tool uses a platform health metric called Iffy Quotient, which draws data from two external entities, NewsWhip and Media Bias/Fact Checker. the Tool developed by researcher at the University of Michigan in the United State.

A social media engagement tracking firm, collects URL on hundreds of thousands of sites every day. Then gathers information on which of those sites have engagements on Facebook and Twitter.


Iffy Quotient queries News Whip for the 5,000 most popular URLs on the two social media platform. Then tool checkers to see if those domain have been flagged by Media Bias/Fact Check.

An independent site that classified various sources based on their reliability and bias. The tool divides the URLs into 3 categories based on the Media Bias/Fact Check list. Iffy , if the site is on the Questionable Sources or Conspiracy List ,OK,

If the site is on any other list like Left Bias, Right Bias or Satire, “Unknown” if not on any list.


Both the Social media platform have made progress since early 2017 on their promises to crack down on information.

Iffy Quotient has not declined much by Twitter and is still nearly twice its level in early 2016. Both Iffy coefficients were roughly comparable through most of 2018 but Facebook’s is now somewhat lower.

The contrast between Facebook and Twitter is even more pronounced in an engagement-weighted version of the Iffy Quotient, Which we can think of as a rough proxy for the fraction of total user attention.

Inputs from Indiatimes

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