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Apple to release new iPhone SE with 4.7-inch display: Report



Apple to release new iPhone SE with 4.7-inch display: Report

Apple is about t launch it’s flagship iPhone 11 lineup next week, but these high-end models only make up about half of Apple’s total phone sales volume. Currently, it offer the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 as cheaper models. It is possible that the iPhone 7 will no longer be sold once the iPhone 11 iis released.

According to Nikkei, Apple is planning on relaunching the iPhone SE in a new model, which could see the light of the day in 2020. The new iPhone SE would be similar to the older handset, but only in terms of the price point. It features a 4.7-inch display if this report is true, so it would be smaller than the current display size for Apple‘s smartphone lineup.

However, it’s not 4 inches like the original, so it won’t be small. But when Apple‘s smallest screen is 5.8 inches. It might still be exactly what some potential customers out there are looking for who don’t want a phone with a big screen.

The new SE would feature an LCD display to keep the price down, but likely feature modern internals like the new A13 chip. It’s not clear if the phone will keep the TouchID home button or adopt the more expensive FaceID system.

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A report suggests that Apple may price the upcoming version of iPhone SE at around $400. However, there is no concrete information on the pricing or the name of the upcoming smartphone.

The report also suggests that the new iPhone SE would be similar to the iPhone 8. That said, it’s unknown if the new device would feature Touch ID for its biometric security measure. If Apple would transition the handset to support FaceID.

The iPhone XR is an appealing cheaper option, but it is still priced above the $700 level. Even if Apple price dropped the XR in the wake of the iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro release, it is still going to be around $600-$650. And A true iPhone SE successor would be expected to be much cheaper, around the $400 mark.

Source: 9to5Mac

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