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Google works Pixel Foldable smartphone; could be launch in 2021: Report



Google works Pixel Foldable smartphone; could be launch in 2021: Report

With foldable device is getting popularity in the global market. Many companies are working on Google Foldable Smartphone.

As per the report, Google is also aiming to join the foldable smartphone in 2021.

The reports do not directly state that Google will launch its foldable device this year. Instead, it says that Samsung is given the task of delivering in-folding OLED panels to companies like OPPO, Xiaomi, and Google.

The South Korean giant, which is renowned for its amazing display panels, is reportedly developing foldable panels in different sizes for the aforementioned companies.

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All of the panels fold inwards which suggests that the Google foldable will be an in-folding device rather than Huawei’s out-folding Mate X devices.

The report also states that Google has requested Samsung to make 7.6-inch foldable panels for its upcoming device.

This will be the size of the screen when the device is unfolded or opened. The size of the folded screen, however, is unknown as of now.

As per the report, Oppo has requested similar in-folding panels of 7.7-inches. On the other hand, Xiaomi will be getting 8.03-inch display panels from Samsung.

Source: Beebom

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