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Realme launches 5G smartphone with Snapdragon 7 series SOC



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Realme has launched a smartphone with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 7 series 5G mobile platform to enable its phones to exceed today’s high-tier mobile experience.

The chipsets will be made on the 7nm process, which will offer both power and efficiency. Qualcomm also confirmed that OEMs are already working on 5G devices.

With the 7nm production process, next-gen Qualcomm AI Engine and Qualcomm Elite Gaming features, the new Snapdragon 7 series platform will enable Realme phones to exceed today’s high-tier mobile experience.

Realme 5G smartphone will be powered by the snapdragon 7-series chipset. The SoC will include Snapdragon 5G Modern-RF System. The new chipset will also enhance the company’s new models with support for all frequency bands and regions.

The company at IFA 2019 announced, accelerate 5G global commercialization at scale by expanding its portfolio of 5G mobile platforms across the Snapdragon 8 series, 7series and 6 series in 20200.

The transition to 5G is going to be faster than earlier transitions. Amon told Reuters on the sidelines of the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin. Now we have to bring it to everyone.

More than 20 networks operators and a similar number of smartphone makers- from the United States to Europe to China- are launching 5G service and handsets. Amon estimated there were 2.2 billion mobile users that could upgrade.

Madhav Sheth recently confirmed that the company will launch its first 5G device in 2019. Sheth revealed the plans to launch the first Realme 5G smartphone this year on Twitter.

Source: BGR India

Source: NDTV

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