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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip to have a 3,300 mAh battery: Report



Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip to have a 3,300 mAh battery: Report

India: Samsung had already started working on a Galaxy Fold sequel before the original Galaxy Fold had even officially launched. Samsung’s second foldable smartphone, that is expected to make its debut next month alongside the Galaxy S20 family.

According to Weinbach, the upcoming foldable phone will indeed be marketed as the Galaxy Z Flip. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip will sport an ultra-thin glass display with a plastic layer on top. The additional plastic layer will ensure the display doesn’t get scratched easily.

The developer reported that the Galaxy Fold 2 will indeed be called the Galaxy Z Flip. The new name is the third one we’ve heard after the Galaxy Fold 2 and the Galaxy Bloom.

The device will reportedly sport an ultra-thin glass display with a layer of plastic on top. The layer of plastic will prevent the screen from easily scratching out.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip Specifications:

The phone is said to pack a 3,300mAh capacity battery, significantly smaller than the 4,380mAh cell fueling the Galaxy Fold. Since it is tipped to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, we can expect the phone to be roughly similar to the Galaxy S10 in terms of battery life.

The Galaxy Z Flip’s battery is still bigger than the only other clamshell phone we know – The Moto Razr 2019.

It is also expected that the Galaxy Z Flip will be cheaper than the Moto Razr 2019. If this is the case, the Z Flip will be both cheaper and more powerful than its Motorola rival.

Via: AndroidCentral