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Spotify extends it’s Premium Free Trial extended to three Months Globally



Spotify extends it's Premium Free Trial extended to three Months Globally

Spotify has extended its Premium free trial period to 3 months Worldwide, which means users can stream music without advertisements. Spotify is fighting back against the threat of Apple Music by extending free trials of its Premium subscription to match its rival.

The 3-month Spotify trial is now available for individual and students plans and will roll out across Duo and family plans in the coming months.

Recently, It’s220 offered a 30-day free trial to tempt users to shell out for its Premium service. Now the company is doing its best to attract even more subscribers by upping the free trial period to 90 days.

Notabley, with the Spotify Premium Plan, one can listen to music offline. Users can use the app on their mobile device like a computer remote control.

The new three-month offer will not be available on non-recurring products or carrier billing, Spotify said. Music and podcasts play an important role in people’s lives so we wanted to give users. First three months for free enjoy everything that Spotify Premium has to offer.

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Alex Norstorm said, We know it takes time to fully experience all of the features available with Premium. So we are giving people the time that they need to fall in love with Premium’s seamless listening experience and on-demand access to more than 10 million tracks, billion of playlists and 450,000 podcasts title for free.

Recently, It revealed that its app has 232 million monthly active users globally, which is a 29 percent increase year-on-year. On a separate note, last month, popular music streaming service Spotify announced a Lite version of its app in India.

Lite version is similar to the most other Lite apps in the market, It is a watered-down version of the main app with basic functionality. The app is meant for an older smartphone with limited processing power and storage. The Spotify version is just about 10MB in size so users can easily download this.

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Source: Spotify extends its Premium free trial for 3 months

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