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T-Mobile Scam Shield has arrived for iOS & Android devices



T-Mobile Scam Shield has arrived for iOS & Android devices

There are many applications available with the concept of tracking caller ID and providing better caller experience with security. One of the popular apps called TrueCaller.

T-Mobile is telecommunications company familiar to several mobile users.

The application is used to connect with the sim card or just be used as a caller app. You can seek for customer care that works like applications like MyJio and MyAirtel.

The app automatically blocks spam calls, If you do not want to give the application that access, there is another way of the Scam Shield works.

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The app will inform you about the probability of the call being a scam and aware of you beforehand.

You need to note that this feature has always been in several other apps. But in the T-Mobile app, users had to pay over $4 to get access to the Caller ID feature that was existent before.

users don’t have to pay any more to be aware of scam calls and security related issues. So, finally, this important feature is officially made available for free, for both iOS and Android users.

A lot of users were paying for premium features of the T-Mobile app. But most of them including the Scam Shield feature is now free.

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