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Taiwan smartphone maker HTC is firing 1,500 worker in its Taiwan office



Taiwan smartphone maker HTC announced that it would slash 1,500 jobs which is nearly quarter of its global workforce, thought Jobs cuts at its manufacturing unit in Taiwan to better manage its resources and battle its declining sales numbers. Announcement of the cuts to its manufacturing workforce comes despite a new deal with Google.


Taiwan smartphone maker HTC is firing 1,500 worker in its Taiwan office




It Indicate that struggling Taiwan mobile phone makers that once sold one in 10 smartphones globally. Its market share decline amid mounting competition from apple, Samsung Electronics Co & Chineses rivals. After firing people from it manufacturing unit in Taiwan. This is representing about a quarter of the 6,450 staff it employed globally as of June.


HTC announced plan to optimizing the manufacturing organization in Taiwan, this will be more flexible resource management going forward as Reuters .


Cuts cam despite the fact the company shipped its best talent, which involed nearly 2,00 employees, to Google in a $1.1 billion deal in Sep last year. Mainly handset engineers, to Alphabet’s google , casting doubt over the Taiwan firm’s longer term in future.


HTC described the cuts ,which will be implemented by the end of Sept as “a decisive step in the realignment of resource across the organization” that will be allow more flexible operations management.


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