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Telegram Update Adds Ability to Send Silent Message, Animated Emojis, Slow Mode for Groups



Telegram Update Adds Ability to Send Silent Message, Animated Emojis, Slow Mode for Groups

Instant messanging and voice over IP service Telegram has rolled out updates that bring the ability to send silent messages and animated emojis for users. If users want to send message without make a sound, you can choose to send without sound. Just press hold the send button to choose the send without sound option.

This means if the person receiving the message is in a meeting or sleep would just get a notification on their display, but the app would not make a sound.

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Another awesome new feature is video thumbnails and timestamps. When you scrub through a video, It will show a thumbnail so you know where you are in the video. Another feature, If you add a timestamp to a message with a video the clicking that timestamp.

A new feature that’s coming with the latest version of Telegram is slow Mode. If admin choose a time interval, then users will only be able to send one message in that time winodw.

A timer present to show how long the user has to wait before sending another message. Slow Mode can be found under the Group Permissions section.

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In the latest update, it brings animated emoji of 👍, 😒, 😳 and 🥳 will show an animated version every time they are posted in the chat. ❤️ emoji will even vibrate the device in heartbeatpatten if you tap

Telegram introduced V5.10 is Admit Titles, feature is self explanatory. t aloows group owners to set custom titles for admin. Title are shown with every message in the group so members know that they are talking to the designed person.

Telegram has also updated the emoji section with animated emoji. iOS users now get an option to choose accent colors for night themes.