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Truecaller crosses 1 million paying subscribers globally



Truecaller crosses 1 million paying subscribers globally

Truecaller on Tuesday announced that it has crossed 1 million paying subscribers globally had has added a series of new features to its paid subscription service, Truecaller Premium.

The premium subscription service will now incorporate several advanced and more powerful spam blocking features that include automatically updating and blocking top spammers in your region.

The spam-blocking feature is currently available to Android device across the globe. CEO Alan Mamedi said, We are happy to see this growth and it makes us proud that users value the benfits. New upgrades that would help us and even more value to our growing Premium users. It help them make their communication more safe and efficient.

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Recently, Truecaller launched its Premium Gold service comes with a bunch of exclusive features. Including an ad-free experience, notification when someone views your profile, call recording, contact request, and a premium badge.

Truecaller has also revealed a host of new spam-blocking features for the Gold plans. These include auto-updating top spammers list, auto blocking top local spammer, auto blocking foreign numbers, and blocking of 140 telemarketers.

Truecaller Premium Gold is currently on offer worldwide at an 80 percent discount for the first three months.

Source: Truecaller crosses 1 mn premium subscribers globally

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