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Truecaller Users’ Phone Numbers & Email IDs For Sale on Dark Web



Truecaller User' Phone Numbers & Email IDs For Sale on Dark Web


A caller ID company with access to email IDs and Mobile numbers of million of users, has been hit fresh allegations of letting its data sell on the dark web. The data is available to any person willing to pay up to Rs 1.5 lakh for data of India users. While the amount goes up to staggering 25,000 euros for Truecaller users from other countries.

Personal data of users name, email address and phone numbers. The information also noted that the data on sale is not limited to Indian customers and instead, It likely covers almost all Truecaller users.

As per The Econmic Times, Data of Indian users, who make up 60-70% of Truecaller’s global user base of nearly 140 million, is being for about Rs 1.5 lakh on the so called dark Web, the person said. Data of global users is priced as a €25,000.

Truecaller has claimed that the data observed during its own investigation. And Was not picked up from any breach of its database, all the payment-related information of its user is safe in their custody.

The app also offers payment services through the Unifies Payments Interface (UPI) to its Indian users. Denied any breach of its database, the company said it has found instance of unauthorized copying of data-termed scrapping-by its own users.

We would like to strongly confirm at this stage that there is no sensitive information being accessed or extracted, specially users payment details. However, we believe some users have been abusing their Truecaller accounts on our website for period of time to search for numbers.


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This is an illegal activity and we condemn it. WE are investigation this and will be taking appropriate action against such entities.

Sweden-based Truecaller counts over a 100 million daily active users in India. And has consistently ranked among the country’s top five most-downloaded apps. From a mere phone number search and caller ID application. It has now evolved into a full blown social communications, and payments platform.

Cyber experts are looking that such a large chunk of data could only be accessed by breaching the Data Base of Truecaller. It is not only this data, there is data available from multiple financial institutions. Organization should procure and monitor the dark web to protect data, As per the The Economic Times

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