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Twitter celebrates Hashtag day: These are the most tweeted hashtag of 2019



Twitter celebrates Hastagday: These are the most tweeted hashtag of 2019

Twitter unveiled top Hashtag that dominated conversations on the social media platform in the first half of 2019 in India. As Internet celebrate the 12th birthday of the hashtag on Friday.

It revealed that #Viswasam, #LokSabhaElections2019, #CWC19 amongst others were the most tweeted hashtags in 2019.

Tamil action-dram film #Viswasam grabbing the top spot, the trend reflected the rise of regional entertainment. As Cricket fans from all over the world came to Twitter to talk about winning moments, shocking upsets, classic catches, and unique to this World Cup.

The Entertainment continued making trends, with the Indian Telugu-language action-drama Mahashi grabbing the fourth post.

Twitter says, With may users tweeting about updating their profile pictures, the fifth most commonly tweeted hashtag of the year was #NewProfilPic.

Additionally Twitter launched an emoji to celebrate the symbol that connects communities and unifies conversations. The specially designed emoji has a hashtag symbol stamped on a heart.

The Hashtag was worn on Twitter 12 years ago. It can help categorize weets and allow users to access all the conversation on a particular theme.

Source: HashtagDay! LokSabhaElections2019, CWC19 among most tweeted hashtags in 2019

Source: Most tweeted hashtags of 2019 in India

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