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Twitter’s new Multitasking Tool lets you Dock the Video and Scroll Timeline



Twitter’s new Multitasking Tool lets you Dock the Video and Scroll Timeline

Twitter has introduced a new update that focuses on docking a video while you brows through your timeline. Watching a video does not mean that it’s the only thing you can do while wait for end. Twitter seems to be finally catching up with times and releasing its true potential of being a source of news and viral video.


Android Twitter users can now dock a video anywhere on their screen while they scroll through a feed, the company announced this week. Twitter’s tool allows the user to move and place the video instead of doing it automatically.
According to the twitter video handle , the microblogging website is giving its Android users the ability to dock video on screen while , browse through your timeline. You can watch video and read other tweets at the same time.

Below steps to use it:


While watching a video in full screen mode, a small icon appear , pressing this button you can dock the video into a smaller size and browse through the timeline. You can shifted the video one place to another. You just have to tap on the dock option available at the top right of the play window in the full screen. This feature is now available in the new version for android users. Full screen will be minimize and you can enjoy video along with the scroll through your timeline.


Twitter recently lost a big chunk of users in its bid to remove fake accounts. In the month of May and June. And removed more than 70 million fake accounts, a few days ago , began the process of removing fake accounts from user’s follower list as well.


The main to make it possible to view and read the related tweeted simultaneously for twitter and all of its tries and test have resulted in this new update which feels like the most simple solution.


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