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Useful Android Shortcuts You Should know



Useful Android Shortcuts You Should know

Android Operating System is the most widely used user friendly operating system among other Mobile OS. It is popular for ease to use and flexibility of customization. Android has no shortage of hidden Android shortcuts that can help you save time and get stuff done more efficiency.

There are many feature hidden on your Android phone that You need to know. here we are providing best Android shortcuts for every Android user should know.

List of Useful Android Shortcuts

Find any Apps Quickly:

Google has added App Launcher named Google Now Launched, Where the launcher has been used as the default launcher for Nexus as well as Pixel Smartphone. After installed launcher select as Default Home Screen. Open Menu and Keyword will launch automatically a& start searching apps from app Drawer Icon “Search for Apps”

How to Check Your Notification History:

Press and hold on the Homescreen and tap on Widgets, Scroll down below in the widgets page and add the Settings shortcut. Tap on Notification Log , it will create shortcut on the homescreen. You can now tap to the shortcut to see all your notifications.

Snap Between Apps:

If your device runs on Android 7 or higher and uses the traditional back, Home and Overview setup, double tap the Overview Key- The square shaped icon. You will find flipping between your two most recently used apps faster. Just like Alt-Tab in Windows, double tapping Android’s Overview Key will let you snap between recently used apps.

Create Shortcuts for Different Actions:

You can press hold on an activity to create a shortcut of it on the homescreen. You can create a shortcut for any deep Settings page, a shortcut to jump directly to Gmail’s compose or even specific label. Some third party app launched like Nova and Apex, you can create shortcuts for activities.

Control Phone through Voice (Google Assistant):

Assistant is designed to assist you to perform tasks with great ease and make your Android experience much more convenient. Google Assistant can perform your most of tasks like setting an alarm, remainder, informing about the weather, reading news out, helps you play games.

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Take a screenshot:

Press hold power and volume down button at the same time, That will capture a screenshot. You can access and share via a notification that will appear on your device or via screenshots folder.

Force Restart:

If android device is not responding, press its power and volume up button at the same time, even if the display is off, hold them down for 10 to 15 seconds. Unless something really disastrous is going on, that will force your phone to restart.

Call Someone with One Tap:

You can create one widget of particular Contact on the Homescreen and just Tap once on the Widget to call. Create Contact Widget, Long press on Homescreen and Select Widgets>> Scroll down until you find contact section. Drag and drop widget and choose your contact number from the contact list.

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Use Assistive Touch for Android:

You can download a free Assistive Touch-Quick Ball which can choose a custom layout of button, this feature available in iPhone, Xiaomi (No need to Download). Alternatively you can download Navigation Bar-Anywhere which gives you floating navigation bar.

Refresh Web Page with ease:

If you try to refresh the Web Page, you have to tap on the three don icon at the top right. You have to choose refresh button to up the webpage. You can just pull the page the top to bottom by tapping, page will be refreshed Automatically.

How to Control Cursor:

If you are Google’s keyboard app for your virtual typing and there is a strong argument that you should be- slide your finger along the space bar to move your cursor left or right within any text field.

Recover Notification:

Featured widget Notification Log, you can see log of notifications, to get widget long press on Home Screen >> for to the Widgets >> Search for Notification Log widget. Drag and Drop it on your home screen.

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