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Vivaldi desktop browser Android version launched, Encrypted Sync, Reader Mode, Clone tab



Vivaldi desktop browser Android version launched, Encrypted Sync, Reader Mode, Clone tab

Web browser maker Vivaldi has just launched the mobile version for Android smartphone. Vivaldi browser from a group of developers that formerly worked on Opera. Vivaldi is bringing that power-user spirit to mobile with a new Android version, available today in beta.

The company revealed that Vivaldi Mobile for Android is a fully-featured browser with all the essential features ready to go. The launch of this browser is part of the gradual expansion for the company to the mobile browsing space.

The browser was made available on all major desktop operating system – Windows, Mac, and Linux at launch. after three years the company has decide to go mobile by launching Vivaldi app on Android.

Vivaldi android version feature like – whenever open a new tab, you will see your Speed dials, which are grids of saved site shortcuts and bookmarks that you can organize and customize.

You can use a specific search Engine without navigating directly to it, you will be able to type custom nicknames in the address bar, like d for DuckDuckGo. You can sync bookmarks, speed dials, passwords, autofill information.

Notes Mentioned across desktop and mobile session, and claims this data is protected with end-to-end encryption by default. It does not have everything that the desktop version does — desktop Vivaldi’s cool ability to stack tabs into one tab seems to be missing.

There is one limitation to the current version of Vivaldi Browser for Android users. Users need to be on Android 5 Lollipop or later to run this browser.

Vivaldi browser is available int he Google Play Store as a Beta app, which also means that the app will gain a lot of features in the coming days.

Vivaldi Android app has the following features:

  • Encrypted Sync
  • Screen Capture
  • Speed Dial shortcuts for favorites
  • Notes with rich text support
  • Private tabs
  • Bookmarks manager
  • Recently closed tabs
  • Search Engine nicknames
  • Reader Mode
  • Clone tab
  • Downloads manager

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