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What is FASTag? How to recharge electronics toll tag for vehicle: All You need to know



What is FASTag? How to recharge electronics toll tag for vehicle: All You need to know

Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari have announced that FASTags will become mandatory for all vehicles, private and commercial, from December 1, 2019. National Payments Corporation of India has developed the National Electronic Toll Collection programme to fulfil the electronics tolling requirements in India. The programme has FASTag as its backbone as the RFID-powered technology is designed to enable toll payments. While the vehicle is in motion, directly debiting the linked prepaid or saving the account.

A FASTag RFID tag is required to be affixed on the windscreen of the vehicle to initiate payments once the driver passes through a NETC-supported toll plaza. With the help of FASTag, you will not have to stop your vehicle at toll plazas to pay the toll.

As soon as the vehicle crosses the toll plaza. The toll-free will get deducted from the bank account/prepaid wallet linked to the FASTag affixed on the vehicle’s widescreen.

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Activated FASTag works on Radio Frequency Identification technology. And It does not have any expiry date, that is, they can be used as long as they are readable at the toll plaza and do not tamper.

Here’s All You need to know about FASTags:

Since the government is making FASTag mandatory from December 1, a new vehicle by all the major automobile companies would by default support the latest technology. You can purchase FASTag from banks such as State Bank of India, ICICI bank, HDFC bank, and Axis Bank among others.

According to the OnlineSBI Website, The issuance of the reusable FASTag RFID tag is available at a charge of Rs 100 for all vehicle categories. SBI is also charging a refundable security amount between Rs 200- 400 that vehicle owners need to pay for getting a FASTag.

Whats are the charges for FASTag

The issuer bank/agency will charge a one-time joining fee of Rs 200. The FASTag charge and security deposit refund depend upon the type of vehicle. Vehicle owners are advised to check fee details on the official website of the issuer agency.

How to activate your FASTag

FASTag is issued by 22 certified banks through various channels such as Point-of-Sale at National Highway toll plazas and select bank branches. They are also available on an e-commerce platform such as Amazon. After buying the FASTag, you need to activate via self-activation or activate by visiting a certified bank branch.

How to link FASTag to your bank account

You can link it to your existing bank account using MyFASTag app on the Android device. You need to enter your vehicle registration number to enable the new experience. My FASTag app also let’s recharge their RFID tag using UPI payment.

Via: economictimes.indiatimes

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