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WhatsApp Business users can now sync details from Facebook pages



WhatsApp Business users can now sync details from Facebook pages

WhatsApp Business is currently rolling out a new feature that will allow users to sync their accounts with their company’s Facebook page. The feature is rolling out to both Android and iOS users and it is available for Indian users as well.

WhatsApp Business users can link their Facebook page. And choose to sync details such as business hours, location address, website links, and more.

To do so, go to Business Settings -> Linked Accounts. You can also choose more than one category for your business by navigating to Business Settings -> Business Profile -> Edit profile -> Categories where you can see and search for the labels you want your customers to see.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need the latest versions of both the Facebook and the WhatsApp Business apps in order for this to work.

Previously, the brand introduced a new catalogues feature on its WhatsApp Business application. The new feature will allow a business to add information like price, description, and product code for each item in its catalogues.

The company says that it hosts these catalogues to save storage space on the phones of both businesses and customers.

The catalogue feature is available starting from today to business using the WhatsApp Business application on both Android and iPhone. The feature is available in India along with Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, the U.K, and the US. This feature will be rolled out around the world pretty soon.

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