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Whatsapp confirm Status will show advertisement by 2020



Whatsapp confirm Status will show advertisement by 2020


Whatsapp announced its Status stories will start showing advertisement in 2020. Facebook has revealed about the new feature on WhatsApp application at an annual Facebook Marketing Summit in Rotterdam, Netherland. Facebook offered a first look at how its ads would loon once implemented.

Whatsapp is a totally ad-free mobile messaging platform, something which would change next year. “Advertisement will be shown between WhatsApp stories, just like Instagram stories. Stories will be displayed entirely on the screen ans a link will redirect users to the website” Olivier said.

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The status feature allows users to share photos as well as video, which will disappear after 24 hours. Two new feature are Richer messaging format options and the integration of WhatsApp product catalog with existing Facebook Business Manager catalog.

Richer messaging format means the WhatsApp message would now include image and text along with PDF and text simultaneously in just one message.

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In Integration of WhatsApp product catalog with Facebook Business Manager Catalog, In a bid to improve User experience would chatting with business, Facebook is testing feature that would enable businesses to add their product catalog directly into chats.

Facebook intention to monetize WhatsApp had earlier forced the hugely popular messaging service’s co-funders to leave the company.

Acton revealed that Facebook wanted to pursue monetization of WhatsApp in two ways, one of them being targeted ads in Status, which did not sit well with him. Targeted advertisement is what makes me unhappy, Acton said.

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