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WhatsApp fixed bug: Spyware installed on phones through WhatsApp calls




Facebook owned company has urged its 1.5 billion users globally to update their app, platform discovered a vulnerability that allowed a spyware to be install on users’ phone via the app’s phone call function.

A System flaw in the calling function of WhatsApp let attackers install an Israel software. That software allowed them access to mobile devices of the users, reported by Financial Times. Spyware was allegedly developed by the Israeli intelligence NSO Group.

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WhatsApp has detected a bug on its platform that allows malicious actors to install spyware on your smartphone using a single WhatsApp call. This simple Whatsapp call made on your smartphone even if you don’t receive it. Leaves your phone and all the date including call logs, Emails, Messages, photos etc.

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WhatsApp said it has fixed the vulnerability that was discovered last month. WhatsApp encourage people to upgrade to the latest version of app, to protect against potential targeted exploits designed.

The version of WhatsApp that have been affected by the issue include- WhatsApp for Android v2.19.134 and before. WhatsApp Business for Android for v2.19.44 and before, WhatsApp for iOS v2.19.51 and before. WA Business for iOS v2.19.51 and before, WhatsApp for Windows Phone v2.18.348 and before, and WhatsApp for Tizen v2.18.15 and before.

WhatsApp did not reveal the number of people that may have been affected by the vulnerability. India has the largest base of WhatsApp users globally with well over 200 million users.

Facebook owned company said that investigation into the matter. They also provided information to US law enforcement agencies to help them conduct an investigation.

How it Happened:

Attackers used WhatsApp’s voice calling function to dial a target’s device. Even if the call was not picked up, the surveillance software could be install.

The attack has all the hallmarks of private company reportedly that works with government to deliver spyware that takes over the functions of mobile phone operating systems.


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