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WhatsApp new features 2019: From Dark Mode to Boomerang video, Contact ranking



WhatsApp new features 2019: From Dark Mode to Boomerang video, Contact ranking

WhatsApp remains the strongest product in Facebook’s portfolio of social media applications. The chat app recently bought new feature like fingerprint authentication and continuous voice message for its users and is expected to further update its app.

There have been rumors about the dark mode and edit media feature for long that’s not all and the Facebook-owned company is looking to nake it app more intuitive.

It recently gained support for fingerprint authentication and better sharing of content. While its founders have left the service, the social messaging service plans to keep adding new feature to the service.

Dark Mode:

WhatsApp has been talking about the introducing the dark since mid-2018, however, a delay in the launch has made the chat app fans impatient. Facebook’s Messenger app already has the dark mode and WhatsApp could soon get the feature.
It should make the service look good and has been rumoured since last year. The Dark mode is a new trend now and WhatsApp will be one of the biggest App to get it.

Boomerang for WhatsApp:

It started with Stories and now WhatsApp is all set to get Boomerang feature of Instagram. The feature will allow users to play a video in loop. Facebook plans to bring some of the key features from its other apps to WhatsApp video o WhatsApp including Boomerang.

Ranking of contacts on WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is also adding contact ranking feature and it will work by automatically ranking contact by detecting the ones that you interact with the most. WhatsApp has been in talks for months and promises to automatically rank contact by detecting, which contacts users interact the most.

Voice Message previews in Notification:

WhatsApp allows preview of photos and video in the notification but does not allow it for the voice messages. It will work similarly to preview of photos and video available with the app right now. The Chat app is now planning to allow its users to preview voice messages.

Share WhatsApp Status to Facebook:

The feature will be a first step towards the integration of WhatsApp with the parent Facebook. In the future, the users of WhatsApp will be able to share their WhatsApp status poss on Facebook and Instagram.

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