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WhatsApp to take legal action against people sending bulk Messages



WhatsApp to take legal action against people sending bulk Messages


WhatsApp has been trying to limit the amount of bulk messages that are sent on the platform. However clone apps and automated delivery software that cost as little as Rs 1,000 are by passing the platform’s anti-spam restrictions.

To improve platform, Facebook owned company WhatsApp has decided to take legal against those who are exploiting the platform by ways of unauthorized usage of the app, that has over 1.5 billion users.

WhatsApp is planning to further crack on fake new propagators, this time by taking legal action against users who violate the app’s terms of use.

WhatsApp updated its terms of use, adding from Dec 2019, activities such as automated. Bulk messaging and non-personal use of the platform will not be tolerated.  Company taking legal action against those involved.

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According to the TechCrunch, WhatsApp was designed for private messaging, so we have taken action globally to prevent bulk message and enforce limits on how WhatsApp accounts that misuse WhatsApp can be used. We have also stepped up our ability to identify abuse, which helps us ban 2 billion accounts globally per month.

Ahead of Indian General Elections, WhatsApp had placed several in-app restrictions to stop users from sharing bulk messages containing misleading information. However, a Reuters investigation found out that digital marketing firms paid $14 for a tool too bypass WhatsApp’s restrictions.

Earlier this year, the platform said that is had built a Machine Learning based system. It is use to detect and remove users who behaved inappropriately on the app. The platform said it was able to assess the pas dealing with problematic behaviors to ban 20 percent of bad accounts at the time registration itself, as per BGR India reported.

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