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WhatsApp Update: Dark Mode, Disappearing Messages, Hidden Muted status and more



WhatsApp Update: Dark MOde, Disappearing Messages, Hidden Muted status and more

WhatsApp is working on new features for the billions of its users around the world. with the growing popularity and increasing numbers, the social chat app is planning to bring in some new changes and updates. A Facebook-owned company introducing new features every now and then, to make the app user-friendly according to needs.

WhatsApp works across an array of mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Mac or Windows PC. it has been working on feature like Dark Mode since last year and has not been able to implement it yet. And few other features have been rumor since long but haven‘t seen the light of day yet.

Hidden Muted Status: WhatsApp lets users mute status updates, under the status bar. The status, however, still appears in the users’ feed at the bottom. Users completely hide the status from the feed. If users want to view the hidden status in the feature, they can enable it with one-tap access.

Dark Mode: WhatsApp is still working on it and the mode could make an appearance on the messaging platform in the coming months. Dark Mode looks good, is that it saves battery having SMOLED display.

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Disappearing messages: WhatsApp might be introducing disappearing texts into its app in the near future. The feature will let the sender set a time limit for the appearance of the text on the receiver’s app.

Contact Ranking: The new feature will keep your favorite contacts up on top all the time. The feature will automatically rank contacts by detecting which contacts you interact with more.

Multi-platform support for WhatsApp: This will let the users access the app on multiple platforms simultaneously. However, as per the source, the new multi-platform feature will first come as a standalone app for Apple‘s iPad.

WhatsApp calls using Assistant: Android users can start using the feature by just updating the WhatsApp and the Google Assistant app.

Boomerang video for WhatsApp: WhatsApp will soon get Instagram’s Boomerang feature that will allow users to play a video in the loop. It will be available in the video type panel along with the convert to GIF feature.

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