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WhatsApp will add Fingerprint Authentication Feature for protecting Chats



WhatsApp will add Fingerprint Authentication for protecting Chats
WhatsApp is working on a Fingerprint Authentication for protecting user’s chats from being seen by others. WhatsApp Dark mode feature was recently reported to be rolled out along with the Android Q update.

According to EABetaInfo, A fan site that tests new WhatsApp feature early, the feature is current under development, and disable by default in the Android 2.19.3 beta version.

After working to implement Face ID and Touch ID feature on iOS. WhatsApp has finally started to work on the Authentication feature on Android using fingerprint.

Once enable the fingerprint feature, your WhatsApp will be completely protected from other users of your phone.

How to Set Fingerprint Authentication:

You can set fingerprint authentication feature within the app under Setting> Account>Privacy section. It will work exactly like iOS and will be made available on Apple’s OS as well.

If WhatsApp is unable to detect your fingerprint, then you can also use your device’s credentials to open the app.

Feature will be available for Android 6.0 or newer Operating System with devices that carry a fingerprint sensor.

WhatsApp also added a host of new feature for iOS users such as the option to add personal and content Stickers on Image, Replay privately, 3D Touch action for status, Group Stickers management and more.

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