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Xiaomi global Beta testers can’t Downgrading MIUI 10 to Previous version



Xiaomi global Beta testers can’t Downgrading MIUI 10 to Previous version

Xiaomi on Thursday announced that MIUI 10 global beta 8.7.5 testers can not downgrading their ROM to previous version, stable or beta as part of the company’s new anti-rollback policy. As said, downgrade will brick, this is to maintain system stability and ensure the security of devices. Upgrading to beta is already tricky process, it can also lead to bricking and Xiaomi make it clear on its support page. Now it has categories warned testers to refrain from going back a step as well.


Xiaomi is the manufacturer which allow users to switch between different MIUI ROM without worrying much about warranty , users can upgrade/downgrade MIUI ROM n their devices using Fastboot and Updated method.


Google announced rollback protection feature and now Xiaomi has announced that it will no longer allow Redmi Note 5 Pro/Redmi Note 5 users to downgrade MIUI Stable and Beta ROM after you updated to MIUI 10 public ROM 8.7.5


It means that you can’s downlgrade from MIUI 10, You are requested only update a stable version of MIUI 10, when it be released because. If you find bugs on MIUI 10 beta then no way to downgrade. Better stay where you are , if you try to downgrade from MIUI 10 , the device will get hard bricked.


Xiaomi don’t have a good record of providing bug free update, so decision is going to affest user experience. Situation even worse if Xiaomi doesn’t improve on releasing bug free updated, it must be checked feedback of MIUI 10 , then you may update the latest version of MIUI.


If you already upgrade to MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM 8.7.5 , please don’t try to downgrade the ROM of your device , your device will be bricked , which may also affect your device stability.


If you want to test ROM prior to 8.7.5, you remain in the previous ROM, which will not affect using of device Xiaomi writes on its official forum.


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