Xiaomi Mi TV 4C Pro, Mi LED TV 4A Pro, Mi TV 4A Prices drop in India

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Xiaomi announced Price drop for some of its TV, Prices are permanently reduced by up to Rs 2,000 from today. Latest prices result of the recent changes in GST Rate from 28% to 18% on TVs up to 32 inches.

Mi TV 4A 32 price has gone down by Rs 1,500 whereas the Mi TV 4C Pro 32 cuts Rs 2,000. A recent dollar moderation had helped it reduce the price of the Mi LED TV 4A model by Rs 1,000.

The price drop is essentially an outcome of the recent decision by the GST Council in India . The GST rate of TVs and monitors up to 32 inches was dropped from 28 per cent to 18 percent.

Company Shared, “As you are aware , at Xiaomi, we strive to offer innovative products of high quality with next specs to all at a truly honest price. Our philosophy ensure that if we make more that 5 per cent profit margin on any hardware products, we give it back to our Mi fans”

Company Added, With our philosophy and the government’s positive decision, we are happy to dropping Mi TV prices.

Mi TV 4C Pro 32 inch:

Xiaomi has reduced the price of LED smart TV 4A 32 inch by Rs 1,500 and its price now Rs 13,999. Previously priced at Rs 15,999.

Mi TV 4A 32 inch:

Xiaomi reduced price price of the Mi LED smart TV 4A 32 inch by Rs 1,500 after the TV is now available at Rs 12,499. Previously prices at Rs 13,999.

Mi LED TV 4A Pro 49 inch:

Xiaomi reduced price price of the Mi LED smart TV 4A 49 inch by Rs 1,000 after the TV is now available at Rs 30,999. Previously prices at Rs 31,999.

Raghu Reddy, Head of Categories and Online Sales says, WE are thrilling to share this wonderful news with our fans. Mi TVs have gained massive love and popularity among Mi fans and customer in India. Redefining smart TV experience, Mi TVs deliver high quality with great specs compromising of the customized patchWall which integrates the best of content. This is available to Mi fans at a truly honest pricing with consistent, incredible experience across all Mi TV models. This eventually led us to become the number 1 smart TV brand in India. Mi TVs crossing over a million sales mark in merely nice month, input from India today.

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