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You can Now Transfer all Pictures, Video from Facebook to Google Photos



You can Now Transfer all Pictures, Video from Facebook to Google Photos

Social media giant Facebook has announced a new tool that will allow users to transfer photo and videos directly from Facebook to Google Photos. The tool is being released initially in Ireland and will be available worldwide in the first half of 2020.

The new toll is part of company’s so-called Data Transfer Project that was originally announced last year as a collaboration between Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Twitter to enable users easily their data between various online services.

The project does by providing an open-source library that any service can use to run and manage direct transfers on behalf of users. Rather than expecting every company to build its own system from scratch, this open-source framework allows them to share any improvements in the framework as well as adapters and data models, it said.

Facebook’s new photo transfer tool is part of the open-source Data Transfer Project, which was launched last year as a service-to-service data portability platform. During the initial teasing phase, the company says the photo transfer tool will be refined based on the feedback it receives from people and conversations with stakeholders around the world.

This tool will be useful for Google Photos users that don’t automatically backup pictures from their phones. If you’re likely that most photos posted to the social network are already backed up on Google’s service.

Via: Androidcentral

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