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YouTube may delete your account if It’s not Commercially Viable



YouTube may delete your account if It's not Commercially Viable

YouTube recently its terms of service, and while most of us accepted them without actually going through what they say, some people did, in fact, read them, and there’s something that jumped right out.

Content creators have criticised new Terms of Service from Google-owned youTube that gives the company power to terminate account access for users if it deems the account is no longer commercially viable.

The Google-owned video platform chose a curios way to explain it, implying that YouTube can delete your account if you video alienate advertisers.

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YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account’s access to all or part of the Service if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the service to you is no longer commercially viable, reads the change to YouTube’s Terms of Service, which will go into effect Dec 10.

YouTube told PCMag that nothing has actually changed, We are not changing the way our products work, how we collect or process data, or any of your settings. We’re also not changing how we are work with creators, nor their works, or their right to monetize.

The wording of this statement is incredibly vague, And it’s leading to a lot of confusion and furore over the updated terms, especially among creators. After all, based on these terms, YouTube can basically decide to terminate any creator’s account if a video or stream they create doesn’t gather a large audience for YouTube to term to it commercially viable. Moreover, the decision about the commercial viability of an account is in YouTube’s sole discretion, which is another thing to be worried about.

Earlier this year, several major brands suspended their ads with YouTube after it was revealed that paedophiles were using the comment section on videos featuring minors to exchange contact details and links to child porn. In response, YouTube killed the comment sections on most videos featuring minors.

Via: Business-Standard

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