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Youtube removing Private Messaging on September 18



Youtube removing Private Messaging on September 18

YouTube is shutting down its Private messaging service from September 18. We are constantly re-evaluating our priorities and have decided to discontinue YouTube’s native direct messaging feature while we focus on improving conversations, YouTube Reported.

YouTube, in its announcement about the closure, doesn’t offer much insight into the decision. While the company says its more recent work has been focused on public conversations with updates to comments, posts, Stories. It doesn’t explain why the message is no longer a priority.

If you used YouTube’s messaging and would like to save a copy of your messages, you can use Google’s Takeout to do so. YouTube section, select all data included to choose which data you want to keep and then deselect all data except chats.

The company says users will still be able to share YouTube video on social media by clicking on the Share option and then selecting the appropriate social network icon from the available options.

YouTube is yet another feature that now seems destined for the graveyard, alongside many other services from Google, including, notably Google, Google Allo, Google Trips and Reader. While this is just a small feature in the larger scheme of things. It will still be interesting to hear why the company is scrapping it since seems to have many loyal users, Reported Beebom.

Source: YouTube removing direct messaging on September 18

Source: YouTube is closing its private messages feature

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