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Sarfaraz Khan tie knot with Kashmiri Girl | खाई जीने-मरने की कसमें



Sarfaraz Khan tie knot with Kashmiri Girl

Sarfaraz Khan tie knot with Kashmiri Girl: Sarfaraz Khan has shared marriage photo on social media site-Instagram. He tied knot with a Kashmiri girl on 6 August.

The right-hand batsmen looked gentlemen in black sherwani, while the bride donned a bright red lehenga for the D-day.

अपनी शादी के लिए जम्मू-कश्मीर आए सरफराज खान ने एक स्थानीय पोर्टल के साथ बातचीत में कहा कि कश्मीर में शादी करना किस्मत में था। घरेलू क्रिकेट पर अच्छा प्रदर्शन करने वाले बल्लेबाज ने आगे के करियर के लिए कहा कि अगर खुदा की मर्जी हुई तो मैं एक दिन भारत के लिए जरूर खेलूंगा।

The shared pictures went viral in social media, and wishes and blessings poured in/ Chris Galye, SKY, R Gaikwad, K Ahmed, Mandeep Singh, and Samarth Vyas were a few of the cricketers to wish Sarfaraz Khan for his marriage.

Sarfaraz was seen saying to a local media outlet of getting married in Kashmir. With no domestic commitments, the youngster cashed in on the window and married in the presence of close family and friends.

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After snub from the West Indies series, the DC batter is eyeing to score more runs in the upcoming Ranji season and aiming to break into the Indian team.

For the last three years, the 25-year-old has been scoring heavily for Mumbai in Ranji Trophy. But despite those big numbers, Sarfaraz has been overlooked owing to fitness and disciplinary issues. When was quizzed by one of the BCCI officials about the DC batter’s omission, he said.

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“Are the selectors fools to not consider a player who has scored 900 plus runs in successive seasons? One of the reasons is his fitness, which isn’t exactly of international standard. He has to work hard, maybe shed weight and comeback leaner and fitter as it’s not just batting fitness that is the sole criteria for selection,” a BCCI source told PTI.

घरेलू क्रिकेट में खुद को साबित करने और लगातार रन बनाने के बावजूद, सरफराज को लंबे समय से भारतीय टीम में खेलने का मौका नहीं मिला है। उन्होंने 2022-23 रणजी ट्रॉफी ट्रॉफी में छह मैचों में 92.66 की औसत से तीन शतकों की मदद से 556 रन बनाए। रणजी ट्रॉफी 2021-22 सीजन में उनके नाम 122.75 की औसत से 982 रन थे।


Indian Spinner Kuldeep Yadav Visits Bageshwar Dham Head of ODI Cricket World Cup 2023



Indian Spinner Kuldeep Yadav Visits Bageshwar Dham Head of ODI Cricket World Cup 2023

Indian Spinner Kuldeep Yadav Visits Bageshwar Dham Head of ODI Cricket World Cup 2023: On Wednesday, September 20, left-arm spinner Kuldeep Yadav of India traveled to Madhya Pradesh with his family to do a spiritual pilgrimage to the famed Bageshwar Dham Sarkar shrine.

Kuldeep’s outstanding performance at the just finished Asia Cup 2023, where he received the coveted Player of the Series title, immediately before his visit.

Kuldeep demonstrated his remarkable abilities throughout the competition, taking nine wickets from four innings for an excellent average of 11.44 and an economy rate of 3.61. Notably, he secured an incredible four-wicket haul and a fifer, enhancing his standing as a powerful force in the cricketing world.

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Kuldeep has been excluded for Australia’s first two ODIs. On September 22, a three-match series begins. This will be the Indians’ and Australians’ final chance to improve their talents and select their starting squad.

Kuldeep is their standout player, according to Rohit, and the management does not want to reveal too much about him before the beginning of the World Cup.

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At the age of 28, Kuldeep has made an extraordinary comeback to the Indian team since 2022, which has paved the way for his inclusion in the highly anticipated ODI World Cup 2023. In preparation for this momentous event, the talented cricketer, hailing from Kanpur, sought divine blessings at the sacred ashram.

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Notably, Kuldeep Yadav has emerged as one of India’s most successful bowlers since 2022, claiming an impressive 43 wickets in just 23 innings. With an average of 18.93 and an economy rate of 4.70, he has proven to be a formidable force on the field. His exceptional performance includes three four-wicket hauls and one five-wicket haul. This remarkable comeback comes after a challenging period in his career from 2020 to 2021.

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Meet the Model Wife Muzna Masood Malik of Pakistan Cricketer



Muzna Masood Malik

Meet the Model Wife Muzna Masood Malik of Pakistan Cricketer: Haris Rauf, a Pakistani fast bowler recognized for his outstanding cricket skills and the tournament’s leading wicket-taker, recently wed Muzna Masood Malik, beginning a new chapter in his life. Social media followers were interested in the couple’s recent private wedding ceremony. In this article, we’ll teach you all there is to know about Muzna Masood Malik, a well-known model and TikTok celebrity in Pakistan.

Model and influencer Muzna Masood Malik is a Pakistani native. Haris Rauf and Muzna Masood Malik had reportedly been dating. They even went to the same school, as per reports.

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Muzna Masood Malik is 25 and was born on October 20, 1997, in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. She is a stunning and popular model and has a sizable fan base on TikTok.

Muzna Masood Malik is also highly educated and has completed her Mass Media degree at the International Islamic University in Islamabad. Muzna Masood Malik has also completed a higher degree in Fashion Designing.

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Haris Rauf and Muzna Masood Malik married in a traditional ceremony in December 2022. Currently, Muzna Masood Malik works with various Pakistani apparel brands and also features in their several campaigns..

The name Muzna Masood Malik translates from Urdu as “the cloud that carries the rain.” She is one of the most well-known individuals in Haris Rauf’s life and the media.

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