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GTA: 5 Best GTA Online Female Outfits in 2024



GTA: 5 Best GTA Online Female Outfits in 2024

5 Best GTA Online Female Outfits in 2024: Whether an RPG is played solo or in online, character customization is a key part, and GTA Online provides an enormous number of customization options. By choosing their genetic makeup or manually changing physical characteristics, players build their own characters from the ground up.

There are a few options for cosmetics and haircuts, but there is a large assortment of apparel that has expanded over time with frequent new updates.

In light of this, our team put together a few of the greatest looks GTA Online players may try for their female avatars, including cosplay, tryhard and battle attire, and stylish everyday wear.

5 best GTA Online outfits for female characters:

Black Tryhard Outfit:

This usual tryhard apparel would be a dream come true for grievers. Pretending to be a griefer is harmless, even though not everyone who dresses up as a tryhard is actually one. This outfit necessitates the use of GTA Online’s Telescope glitch, which fortunately still functions in 2024.

The glitch lets players use glasses with masks, for instance, bypassing the restriction to have only one type of facial accessory. Gamers must buy all the clothing listed below, save it as an outfit, wear their chosen mask, and then do the Telescope glitch.

Sweaters – Black Turtleneck
Suit Pants – Black Fitted Shiny Pants
Necklaces – Pearl Bead Necklace
Gloves – White Cotton GlovesSecuro
Serv Caps – SecuroServ Backwards Cap
Sneakers – White Plain Hi Tops
Sports Glasses – Black Outlaw Goggles
Ski Mask – Black Bigness Face

Black Tactical Outfit:

This is for role-playing gamers who enjoy dressing up as members of the armed services or special forces. Grievers in Grand Theft Auto Online frequently dress up like this, while it’s not entirely accurate, in order to scare people. Prior to saving it, players need to purchase the Cayo Perico grassland armor, take off the helmet, and save it.

Next, they’ll need to buy the Fumigator coveralls, apply the Telescope Glitch, go back to the outfit they previously saved, and then save the updated version. The next stages involve some complexity. Up until they see a save symbol at the bottom right, players must repeatedly equip the new outfit. Once that’s done, simply start “A Titan of a Job” from the Jobs menu, go to Ammu-Nation, and then equip and unequip an LCD Earpiece.

Cargo Pants – Black Large Cargos
Rubberized Boots – Tan Trail
Tucked Service Shirts – Black Short Service Shirt Tucked
Parachute – Black Combat Chute Bag
Gloves – Black Fingerless Gloves
Watches – Black Fashion Watch
Cuffs – Black Woven Bracelet
Masks – Skull Tactical Ski
Combat Helmets – Black Quad Lens
Sports Glasses – Grayscale Urban Ski

Ada Wong Outfit:

The iconic Resident Evil character Ada Wong is featured in this GTA Online costume, which is from the most current remake of Resident Evil 4. She carries a pistol holster on her shoulders, but the Black Combat Chute Bag is a smart substitute. It doesn’t require any GTA Online flaws and is fairly simple but elegant.

Sweaters – Red Turtleneck
Skirts – Red Mini
Boots – Licorice Knee High
Gloves – Black Leather Gloves
Gears – Gray Earpiece
Parachute – Black Combat Chute Bag

Jock Outfit:

This costume, which is intended for GTA Online users who just want to dress up like a regular person or even an in-game NPC, is rather straightforward and basic for everyday use. There is a ton of room for more customization to meet the demands of the gamer.

Baseball Jackets – Royal Blue
Sports Tops – White Mix Baseball Tee
Skirts – Blue Plaid Pleated
Sneakers – White Plain Hi Tops
Chains – Gold Lock Pendant

Blue Winter Outfit:

Even if the Winter event that brought snow to GTA Online is over, gamers may still prepare their winter attire. Regardless of whether it’s snowing or not, players may pretend to be Los Santos celebrities all year long by dressing simply yet stylishly for everyday wear.

Sweaters – Black Turtleneck
Overcoats – Navy Trench Coat
Stockings – Black Plaid Stockings
High-Heeled Sneakers – Black Sneaker Boots
Scarves – Blue Plaid Woolen Scarf
Gloves – Black Woolen Gloves


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How to Unlock Free Ocelot Virtue as GTA Online Beginner in 2024: In Grand Theft Auto Online, the Ocelot Virtue is a supercar that is available for free. For players to maintain the automobile in their garages, you must first unlock it.

March 2023 marked the release of the Ocelot Virtue to the multiplayer game as a part of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. Many players struggle to locate a hint, but those who were active at the time know how to obtain it.

After finishing the tasks in the Last Dose series, players may find a hidden gem called the GTA Online Ocelot Virtue, which they can obtain for free. There is a catch, though, and in order to access it, gamers must understand the entire process.

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Although it is the main prize for doing the Last Dose missions, in order to begin the Last Dose, you must first finish the tasks in the First Dose series. The missions that need to be finished are listed as follows:

First Dose:

First Dose 1 – Welcome to the Troupe
First Dose 2 – Designated Driver
First Dose 3 – Fatal Incursion
First Dose 4 – Uncontrolled Substance
First Dose 5 – Make War not Love
First Dose 6 – Off the Rails

Last Dose:

Last Dose 1 – This is an Intervention
Last Dose 2 – Unusual Suspects
Last Dose 3 – Friedmind
Last Dose 4 – Checking In
Last Dose 5 – BDKD

To get the car, all of these tasks—including the GTA Online Last Dose missions—must be finished. Once you complete the BDKD mission, you’ll get a phone call from Dax, informing you that you can pick up Dr. Isaiah Friedlander’s Ocetor Virtue from a parking lot near the Eclipse Medical Tower.

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Top 5 Fastest Lowrider Cars in GTA Online in 2024: In GTA Online, lowriders focus primarily with style instead of speed. That doesn’t cancel out the possibility that players might want a swift lowrider to drive about in. Not only is speed essential for racing, but it also makes navigating the large San Andreas map easier.

For this reason, gamers may become easily irritated with an automobile that is fashionable but not quick enough.

Top 5 fastest lowriders in GTA Online in 2024:

Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom:

In addition to being the quickest lowrider in GTA Online, the Sabre Turbo Custom is also among the fastest muscle vehicles. In the HD Universe, the Sabre Turbo is a cross between several A-bodies made by General Motors and other American muscle vehicles from the late 1960s and early 1970s. The lowrider version pays homage to the history of the most recognizable muscle vehicle in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Top speed: 121.25 mph

The Custom model has a peak speed that makes it somewhat competent for racing, and it also has great acceleration and handling. At Benny’s, the Sabre Turbo Custom modification costs $490,000, but a standard Sabre only costs $15,000.

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Vapid Slamvan Custom:

Though it shares some similarities with the Chevrolet Advance Design, the second-generation Ford F-Series truck served as the primary inspiration for the Slamvan and its Custom variant. As the name suggests, this vehicle is a van, and it stands out from every other GTA Online lowrider on our list.

Top speed: 117.5 mph

The Slamvan Custom is more responsive than the normal model and has superior braking and traction because to its lowered suspension, just like the Buccaneer Custom. The Vapid Slamvan Custom may be acquired by converting a standard Slamvan, which retails for $48,500, for $415,00 at Benny’s.

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Albany Buccaneer Custom:

The 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo served as the basis for both the Buccaneer and its Custom version. It’s interesting to note that both models were among the cars seen in the teaser for GTA 6. One of the most distinctive-looking muscle vehicles in the game, its aggressive appearance is further enhanced by the lowrider liveries.

Top speed: 113 mph

Due to its somewhat lower profile than the standard model, the Buccaneer Custom is more responsive but also quite sensitive to bumps. In GTA Online, the Buccaneer is just $29,000, however it can be upgraded to a Buccaneer Custom for $390,000 at Benny’s.

Willard Faction Custom:

The Faction sports coupe and its Custom version are mostly inspired by the Buick Regal, which was produced from 1982 to 1987. They’re also influenced by a few other 1980s Chrysler models. As a result, the Faction Custom in Grand Theft Auto Online seems to be the most contemporary lowrider on our list.

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Top speed: 110.75 mph

Both cars have very moderate acceleration, but the Custom variation has a significant advantage over the standard one in that it is less susceptible to road irregularities. Purchasing the normal Faction for only $36,000 and converting it at Benny’s for $335,000 will get you the Willard Faction Custom.

Dundreary Virgo Classic Custom:

Combining elements of the 1977–1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V and the 1977–1979 Mercury Cougar, the Virgo and its Custom version are high-end two-door coupes. The automobiles are similarly similar to the Lincoln Town Car, which was produced from 1981 until 1989, especially in the front. Players are enticed to add the automobile to their collection by its antique look, and its respectable speed is the icing on the cake.

Top speed: 110.75 mph

Although the Virgo Custom’s acceleration is passable, its steering is quite responsive. Players of Grand Theft Auto Online must pay $165,000 for a Dundreary Virgo Classic and $240,000 at Benny’s Original Motor Works to have it converted into the custom version in order to obtain this vehicle.

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