GTA 6: 5 Customization Option for GTA 6 Vehicles

5 Customization Option for GTA 6 Vehicles: Players can purchase and customize a limitless supply of vehicles in GTA 5’s multiplayer mode. In comparison to Story Mode, GTA Online’s car customization opportunities are a little bit more varied.

In actuality, Grand Theft Auto Online offers far more customization options than San Andreas, despite the latter being the first in the series to allow for vehicle customization.

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Fans now expect that GTA 6, the next edition in the series, would have an improved customization system with even more possibilities.

These could be presented as wholly new systems or as improvements to some of the alterations that have previously been made in the series. Thus, the following is a list of new vehicle modification possibilities that Grand Theft Auto 6 ought to have.

5 new car customization options:

Custom vinyls:

In GTA Online, you may customize the appearance of several cars by adding liveries. These are now preset designs, some of which are associated with a particular car. While these are undoubtedly good to have, the ability for players to design their own vinyl would greatly improve the ability to customize cars in the next game.

Whether it’s an arcade game like Need For Speed Heat or a simulation game like F1 23, most contemporary racing games include this functionality. A more straightforward vinyl system, similar to that in NFS Underground 2, where users may apply many layers of vinyl to customize their own livery, may be implemented by Rockstar. It would also be possible to transform the Crew Emblem function into a vinyl creator.

Widebody kits:

Three widebody vehicles are available in Grand Theft Auto Online (10F, Sentinel Classic, and Brioso 300), and they are all available for modification at Benny’s Original Motor Works.

Rockstar ought to provide this as a customization option for several cars in Grand Theft Auto 6. Hence, users may select and install a specific widebody kit for their vehicle. This way, two cars of the same model would look drastically different.

Door Style:

Grand Theft Auto Online features a large number of vehicles with distinctive doors, like scissors, butterflies, dihedral, and suicide. Nevertheless, this function is exclusive to certain vehicles and comes pre-installed. These automobiles, as well as those with conventional doors, cannot have their door styles changed.

In Grand Theft Auto 6, Rockstar need to allow users to select the door type for the most, if not all, of the vehicles. This allows you to have gullwing doors on a Torero or scissor doors on a Stirling GT, for example. This is an additional characteristic that differs throughout the automobiles.

New Paint Options:

In Grand Theft Auto V and its online equivalent, vehicles frequently include many paint choices that allow players to select from a variety of preset hues. While some only come with one selection, others include primary, secondary, and trim color options. Players may apply a variety of paint finishes, such as glossy, matte, metallic, pearlescent, metal, and more.

There is a glittering paint job in the GTA 6 teaser, according to some gamers. But in addition to fresh paint jobs, Rockstar may incorporate an RGB slider so that gamers can choose their own hue. The custom color capability should be added in addition to the still-useful preset colors.


Almost every automobile in Grand Theft Auto Online has the ability to modify its suspension, and most have four or five more options accessible to them than just the standard one. The wheels are tipped to negative cambers by the final two selections, Competition and Race Suspension.

As of right now, only a few automobiles can do this, and no car’s wheels can be manually slanted. Gamers should be able to easily alter their camber tilt in Grand Theft Auto 6. It can assist in turning a regular automobile into a tuner, at least aesthetically.

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