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GTA Vice City: 7 Important Mods of GTA Vice City to Try in 2024



GTA Vice City: 7 Important Mods of GTA Vice City to Try in 2024

7 Important Mods of GTA Vice City to Try in 2024: Since Rockstar Games revealed that Grand Theft Auto 6, the next game in the series, will take place in the notorious area, players have been pouring back into GTA Vice City.

Even while the game was incredible for its day, it feels quite antiquated by today’s standards and has several serious flaws. This is among the many reasons why gamers should check out some amazing modifications that let them play the game in a whole new way.

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7 GTA Vice City mods:


Playing GTA Vice City in 2024 requires a lot of features and enhancements, which MixSets provides in one comprehensive bundle. Here are a few of the most fantastic features it offers, which you should all enable when playing the game:

Configure FPS
Cars don’t blow up when overturned.
Use Pay N’ Spray on any vehicle.
Better shooting effects on the Rhino tank.
Better lighting

GTA Vice City (Stories Style Swimming):

One of the greatest main characters in the Grand Theft Auto games is Tommy Vercetti, but he has a serious weakness: he is unable of swimming. Players have crashed and fallen into the ocean several times, only to drown and die right away, which makes this both funny and frustrating.

Well, you can get around this problem with the GTA Vice City Stories Style Swimming mod. Tommy can now swim in the game thanks to the addition of the Vice City Stories swimming animation and code. Installing this mod is highly recommended for everyone.

VRTP (Vice City Retexture Project):

There’s a good reason why a lot of fans want to see some famous Vice City spots in Grand Theft Auto 6. The 2002 release of the original game meant that its textures and graphics could not compete with the modern games’ realistic and high-quality visuals. To make Vice City appear better than it has ever looked, the VRTP mod attempts to retexturize the whole city.

The mod has been effective in doing this, and the end products are breathtaking. With the revised texture, the automobiles, buildings, and sky look amazing, giving the game a completely new appearance. For a better experience, users that think the game looks old could install the VRTP mod.

Ultimate Vice City:

Vice City has a number of incredible automobiles that belong in Grand Theft Auto 6. Still, playing the game in 2024 makes it quite clear that the roster is very tiny overall. It is advised that gamers install the Ultimate Vice City mod since the more recent games—especially GTA Online—have an abundance of automobiles and motorbikes.

The update enhances the game’s setting with the addition of the Twin Towers, a new bridge, and several billboards in addition to introducing 40 new automobiles. This is a significant improvement that will give players additional options and give the game a livelier feel.

Vice City Final Justice Beta:

To make GTA Vice City the greatest it could be, the developers of the Vice City Final Justice Beta went above and beyond. It not only gets rid of everything superfluous, but it also adds a ton of worthy upgrades, including better graphics and vehicle handling.

In order to give the game a new appearance and feel, players will also find a number of new weaponry and an updated HUD. Additionally, the mod accelerates the police cars in the title, adding to the excitement and entertainment value of the entire pursuit. The police cars also have more realistic sirens and sounds to make everything feel authentic.

First Person View:

Even while GTA 5 had a number of pointless additions that fans would want to see in GTA 6, it did introduce the first-person view option, which gave gamers a whole new Grand Theft Auto experience.

But you may use GenuisZ’s First Person View mod to enjoy this feature in Vice City if you’d like. By installing the mod, you can make this point of view available in the game and add some good hand motions for shooting and driving.

Climbing [reVC]:

In addition to swimming, GTA Vice City fans missed being able to scale barriers. This rendered many of the game’s memorable moments absurdly frustrating and other objectives excessively challenging.

CowBoy69’s Climbing mod will make sure that this issue never arises again. Although the climbing technique is a ripoff of San Andreas, Vice City’s animations have been adjusted to be more realistic. In addition, a number of other adjustments make the game feel excellent and let you play it for extended periods of time.

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GTA Online: How to Unlock Free Ocelot Virtue as GTA Online Beginner in 2024



How to Unlock Free Ocelot Virtue as GTA Online Beginner in 2024

How to Unlock Free Ocelot Virtue as GTA Online Beginner in 2024: In Grand Theft Auto Online, the Ocelot Virtue is a supercar that is available for free. For players to maintain the automobile in their garages, you must first unlock it.

March 2023 marked the release of the Ocelot Virtue to the multiplayer game as a part of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. Many players struggle to locate a hint, but those who were active at the time know how to obtain it.

After finishing the tasks in the Last Dose series, players may find a hidden gem called the GTA Online Ocelot Virtue, which they can obtain for free. There is a catch, though, and in order to access it, gamers must understand the entire process.

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Although it is the main prize for doing the Last Dose missions, in order to begin the Last Dose, you must first finish the tasks in the First Dose series. The missions that need to be finished are listed as follows:

First Dose:

First Dose 1 – Welcome to the Troupe
First Dose 2 – Designated Driver
First Dose 3 – Fatal Incursion
First Dose 4 – Uncontrolled Substance
First Dose 5 – Make War not Love
First Dose 6 – Off the Rails

Last Dose:

Last Dose 1 – This is an Intervention
Last Dose 2 – Unusual Suspects
Last Dose 3 – Friedmind
Last Dose 4 – Checking In
Last Dose 5 – BDKD

To get the car, all of these tasks—including the GTA Online Last Dose missions—must be finished. Once you complete the BDKD mission, you’ll get a phone call from Dax, informing you that you can pick up Dr. Isaiah Friedlander’s Ocetor Virtue from a parking lot near the Eclipse Medical Tower.

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The Ocelot Virtue is one of the fastest cars in GTA Online, with a top speed of 119.25 mph (191.91 km/h). Rockstar Games also offers Imani Tech Upgrades, which will enable the car to withstand up to 12 homing missiles. Therefore, every Grand Theft Auto Online player must get their free Ocelot Virtue in 2024.


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GTA: Top 5 Fastest Lowrider Cars in GTA Online in 2024



Top 5 Fastest Lowrider Cars in GTA Online in 2024

Top 5 Fastest Lowrider Cars in GTA Online in 2024: In GTA Online, lowriders focus primarily with style instead of speed. That doesn’t cancel out the possibility that players might want a swift lowrider to drive about in. Not only is speed essential for racing, but it also makes navigating the large San Andreas map easier.

For this reason, gamers may become easily irritated with an automobile that is fashionable but not quick enough.

Top 5 fastest lowriders in GTA Online in 2024:

Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom:

In addition to being the quickest lowrider in GTA Online, the Sabre Turbo Custom is also among the fastest muscle vehicles. In the HD Universe, the Sabre Turbo is a cross between several A-bodies made by General Motors and other American muscle vehicles from the late 1960s and early 1970s. The lowrider version pays homage to the history of the most recognizable muscle vehicle in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Top speed: 121.25 mph

The Custom model has a peak speed that makes it somewhat competent for racing, and it also has great acceleration and handling. At Benny’s, the Sabre Turbo Custom modification costs $490,000, but a standard Sabre only costs $15,000.

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Vapid Slamvan Custom:

Though it shares some similarities with the Chevrolet Advance Design, the second-generation Ford F-Series truck served as the primary inspiration for the Slamvan and its Custom variant. As the name suggests, this vehicle is a van, and it stands out from every other GTA Online lowrider on our list.

Top speed: 117.5 mph

The Slamvan Custom is more responsive than the normal model and has superior braking and traction because to its lowered suspension, just like the Buccaneer Custom. The Vapid Slamvan Custom may be acquired by converting a standard Slamvan, which retails for $48,500, for $415,00 at Benny’s.

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Albany Buccaneer Custom:

The 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo served as the basis for both the Buccaneer and its Custom version. It’s interesting to note that both models were among the cars seen in the teaser for GTA 6. One of the most distinctive-looking muscle vehicles in the game, its aggressive appearance is further enhanced by the lowrider liveries.

Top speed: 113 mph

Due to its somewhat lower profile than the standard model, the Buccaneer Custom is more responsive but also quite sensitive to bumps. In GTA Online, the Buccaneer is just $29,000, however it can be upgraded to a Buccaneer Custom for $390,000 at Benny’s.

Willard Faction Custom:

The Faction sports coupe and its Custom version are mostly inspired by the Buick Regal, which was produced from 1982 to 1987. They’re also influenced by a few other 1980s Chrysler models. As a result, the Faction Custom in Grand Theft Auto Online seems to be the most contemporary lowrider on our list.

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Top speed: 110.75 mph

Both cars have very moderate acceleration, but the Custom variation has a significant advantage over the standard one in that it is less susceptible to road irregularities. Purchasing the normal Faction for only $36,000 and converting it at Benny’s for $335,000 will get you the Willard Faction Custom.

Dundreary Virgo Classic Custom:

Combining elements of the 1977–1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V and the 1977–1979 Mercury Cougar, the Virgo and its Custom version are high-end two-door coupes. The automobiles are similarly similar to the Lincoln Town Car, which was produced from 1981 until 1989, especially in the front. Players are enticed to add the automobile to their collection by its antique look, and its respectable speed is the icing on the cake.

Top speed: 110.75 mph

Although the Virgo Custom’s acceleration is passable, its steering is quite responsive. Players of Grand Theft Auto Online must pay $165,000 for a Dundreary Virgo Classic and $240,000 at Benny’s Original Motor Works to have it converted into the custom version in order to obtain this vehicle.

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